On the 28th of March, 5000 people gathered in Palau Saint Jordi Arena to attend a performance by Love of Lesbian, a pop-rock band from Catalonia. However, this concert was not standard-fare. The pandemic is still raging on, yet the concert organisers knew this would be a hallmark event. They wanted to prove that safety doesn’t have to come at the expense of fun. 

The organisers set about this by ensuring every attendee had access to antigen-testing before and after the event. Attendees were also provided with high-quality face masks throughout the event as a way of mitigating any risk of cross-infection. 

As of yet, there is no indication that the concert acted as a ‘spreader’ event. The only thing people were in danger of was having too much fun. 

The concert gives hope for many, as it proves a useful test case for Verafide in how large events may be conducted in the future. A return to some form of normality is closer than it has ever been in the last year. 

We should look at this event and strive to understand its success and glean important lessons for the future. 

Here are some thoughts to take away from the Barcelona concert:

● Information sharing is key: making sure that all parties involved have a general idea about safety protocols. 

Margins of risk should be negotiated: Imposing a one-size-fits-all approach to the events industry may not be the best solution for encouraging customers to come out. Maintaining a dialogue with your audience and opening up to communication is an important part of the restarting process. 

● Access to PPE is a must: Access to safety equipment throughout the pandemic has provided some barriers. It’s clear that no one strategy can provide a blanket solution to the problem presented by covid. Giving customers a layered COVID strategy may be really important. 

Overall, we should look forward to seeing more of these events in the future, even possibly with the addition of Verifiable Credentials. Much conversation has been had about how business should reopen in a secure manner. 

Verafide’s current platform provides a discrete process that allows customers to share confirmation of their vaccine status without oversharing other parts of their data. The system will enable stakeholders to conveniently share information and streamline the safety process. Once the friction has been removed from this part of the organising process, we then may start to see a more diverse programme for events.

By Robert Culligan.